9 ways businesses can protect biodiversity

International Biodiversity Day 2024

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No matter what business you're in, the ripple effect of biodiversity loss potentially affects every aspect of your operations, from resource procurement to consumer satisfaction to investor confidence.

Even if you’re not directly reliant on natural resources, disruptions in global supply chains due to biodiversity loss can lead to delays and increased costs. Stricter environmental regulations can also pose compliance challenges, affecting brand reputation and consumer confidence.

Biodiversity loss can also stifle R+D, increase insurance and financial risks, and impact employee wellbeing and productivity. 

That’s why all businesses need to be proactive about addressing the risks and integrating biodiversity conservation into business strategies to ensure long-term resilience and sustainability. 

Basically, a richer planet enriches us all.

But biodiversity is under threat from over-exploitation, climate change, pollution, invasive species, and growing cities and populations, among other factors. 

That’s why we’re celebrating this year’s International Biodiversity Day all year round—not just on one day. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 9 actions your business can take to protect biodiversity—and still make money. 

Let’s take a look. 

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What’s the focus of International Biodiversity Day 2024? 

The International Day for Biodiversity is a UN-approved day that’s celebrated all over the world on May 22nd. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect it. 

World Biodiversity Day, as it’s also known, is part of UN efforts to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and the Biodiversity Plan

The theme of the International Day for Biodiversity 2024 is “Be part of the plan,” meaning the Biodiversity Plan. It’s a call to action for everyone from governments to local communities to businesses and individuals to get involved in protecting biodiversity and find ways to collaborate with each other. 

As the UN Environment Program says, “Everyone has a role to play and can be part of the plan.” 

Let’s take a look at how you can protect biodiversity in your business.

9 ways businesses can protect biodiversity

Making money and protecting the environment are no longer mutually incompatible. People are waking up to the fact that without a healthy environment you can’t have a healthy economy—and that our current use of natural resources just isn’t sustainable. 

Here are some key actions that corporations, entrepreneurs, SMEs, financial institutions, and investors can take for biodiversity: 

1. Build biodiversity protection into your business model and portfolio

You can do this by implementing a sustainability plan and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategies. This involves reducing pollution, waste, and CO2 from your business, as well as having a diverse, inclusive workforce at all levels, which can help you outperform the competition

Embed protecting biodiversity into your core business strategy to create lasting value and demonstrate that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand.

2. Partner with or fund organizations that focus on biodiversity

For example, biodiversity projects like Conservation International work to establish more nature-positive economies by working with indigenous peoples, local communities, entrepreneurs, and the private sector to measure impacts on nature and develop sustainable enterprises and solutions. 

It also develops innovative ways to combine government, corporate, donor and investor funding to help large-scale areas transition to nature-positive economic development models. 

Partnering with organizations like these leverages your collective expertise to move toward sustainable economies that benefits everyone.

3. Design your products, services, and portfolios with sustainable production and consumption in mind

Make sustainability a key feature of your product and an integral part of your market appeal—and let your customers know about it. Go one step further by insisting on only working with suppliers that have sustainable practices in place. 

Be transparent about the impact of your business on biodiversity and work toward more biodiversity-friendly R+D. Think of it as an investment in the future—yours and that of the planet. 

4. Allow teleworking or flexible working 

When you let employees work from home you can reduce the pollution caused by the daily commute. Also, think about whether you really need to travel to that business meeting or event. Could you do it online instead? 

5. Support and participate in industry-wide initiatives 

Get involved in actions to promote biodiversity conservation, and lead by example in the business community. By leading the charge and setting new standards you can inspire others and provide a blueprint for action. 

6. Support or fund employee volunteer programs 

Encourage employees to get involved with biodiversity related programs and give them time off to take part in actions. This way, you can drive change from within your organisation and set an example for others. 

7. Support transition to sustainable food systems 

As an example, look for caterers and suppliers that support agricultural practices like no-till farming. This can help boost soil biodiversity and draw down more carbon from the atmosphere. 

By nurturing soil health and biodiversity, we ensure a more resilient food system for the future.

8. Support and give back to communities

This is especially important if you’re using their land or natural resources and traditional knowledge. 

8. Use less, and more eco-friendly packaging and more renewable energy sources

Set targets and report on your progress toward reducing environmental impact and your carbon footprint.

World Biodiversity Day: Get involved to protect biodiversity all year round 

Whether it’s pushing for more resilient supply chains or empowering employees to do their bit,  we all have a role to play in protecting biodiversity.  

Every action, from local community involvement to sustainable business practices makes for more robust, joined up conservation efforts.  

Together, empowered by knowledge and united by common goal, we can turn the tide on biodiversity loss and work to restore a thriving planet. 

Get involved, lead the change, and become an example to follow by making every day a day for biodiversity.

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